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Please get in touch with us for any queries regarding Aadhaar Data Vault implementation.

Turnkey Aadhaar vault solution that will help KUAs, AUAs and Sub-AUAs to easily implement an encrypted Aadhaar Data Vault to securely store Aadhaar number and eKYC data. Finavault exposes REST API to store Aadhaar Number and associated eKYC Data.

Aadhaar Data Vault

As specified in the UIDAI Circular No. K-11020/205/2017, Aadhaar Data Vault is a secure encrypted centralized storage for all the Aadhaar numbers and related data collected by the AUAs/KUAs/Sub-AUAs/ or any other agency for specific purposes under Aadhaar Act and Regulations, 2016. It should be inside the respective agency's infrastructure accessible only on a need to know basis. The Aadhaar data vault should provide a reference key, which is a unique token to represent the Aadhaar number in the entire internal ecosystem of the agency. The mapping of reference key and Aadhaar number should only be maintained in the Aadhaar Data Vault.

All business use-cases of entities shall use this Reference Key instead of Aadhaar number in all systems where such reference key need to be stored/mapped, i.e. all tables/systems requiring storage of Aadhaar numbers for their business transactions should from now onwards maintain only the reference key. Actual Aadhaar number should not be stored in any business databases other than Aadhaar Data Vault.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us for any queries regarding Aadhaar Data Vault implementation.

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Finavault Software Package

Finavault is the complete software package that is needed to implement Aadhaar Data Vault within your organisation. The software exposes REST APIs that can be used to easily integrate with existing software services. Finavault is an integral part of Finahub's eKYC Solution that is being used by many leading Banks and NBFC that are registered as KUA/AUA. The package supports database encryption for data protection and also provides HSM integration.


Secure REST APIs

Finavault Software Package exposes simple and secure REST API that enables easy integration of Aadhaar Data Vault with the existing services on need basis.

Secure and Encrypted Solution

Finavault Software Package supports database encryption to ensure data security even if the database as a whole is compromised.

HSM Integration

Finavault Software Package provides integration with leading HSM models to enable encryption using HSM as mandated by UIDAI.

UUID based Reference Keys

Reference keys to map Aadhaar number are generated using UUID (Universally Unique Identifier represented via hex string) scheme inorder to ensure that the recovery of the original Aadhaar number from the reference key is computationally infeasible.

Administration Console

Finavault Software Package comes with an administration console with role-based user access to allow viewing of Aadhaar number reference key mapping and access logs.

Access Logs

Finavault Software Package logs all API access activities. The log can be viewed via web user interface that supports search functionality as well.