Finasign eSign solution from Finahub is an end to end solution that provides both client and server software modules to allow organisations to easily deploy eSign services to their customers and employees.

Aadhaar eSign Service

Aadhaar eSign Service is digital signature services provided by Controller of Certifying Authorities and UIDAI to enable any Aadhaar holder to do a digital signature without having to use any other software. eSign Service truly democratises digital signature technology, making it accessible to the entire population of India. Organisations catering to Indian customers can now take advantage of eSign Service to do away with paperwork and provide a truly digital experience to their customers. This is especially true in cases customer on boarding or new service delivery for customers of Banks, Stock brokers, Insurance companies and other fincancial organisations where furnishing of selfsigned supporting documents are needed.

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Finasign eSign Solution

Finasign eSign Solution is complete software package that is needed to implement eSign service within your organisation. The service inculdes the eSign server, web and mobile client applications needed to rollout the service. The server exposes REST APIs that can be used to easily integrate eSign features to existing processes.

e-sign server Architecture


Ease of Integration

Finasign eSign Server exposes simple REST API that enables easy integration of eSign functionality with the existing services.

Compliance and Audit Ready

Finasign eSign Server solution is compliance and audit ready as per the norms of CCA and UIDAI. So you dont have to worry about compliance issues in esign service imlementations.

Easy and Secure Digital Sinature

Finasign eSign Server resides in your premises and will communicate with your other systems through highly secure (SSL) channel, there by making your data communications safe and secure. Thereby providing digital signtures anywhere anytime.

Highly Scalable

Finasign eSign Server can be scaled in accordance with the growth of your business. This enables you to services millions of Aadhaar holders with legally valid digital signatures.

Built In Data Privacy

Finasign eSign Service ensures the privacy of the signer by requiring that only the thumbprint (hash) of the document be submitted for signature function instead of the whole document.

Onboard your Customers in Minutes.

With the help of Finasign eSign Service you can complete the entire onboarding process within minutes. Saves you from the hassles of paper work and provide a better onboarding experience.