Comprehensive cloud-based service management platform built exclusively for share broking industry. The Platform helps the broking firm to service their customers or prospects through multiple communication channels through a single web interface. Take your customer servicing to the next level with Kinship Platform.

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Report Desk Automation

A comprehensive report desk automation and management tool to make your report desk as effective and efficient as possible. Features available on the platform are:

  • Research Report Templates
  • Branded Email
  • Rich Text Email Composer
  • White Labeled Web Interface
  • Report Category Subscription
  • Bulk Email Integration

Voice Call Automation

The platform enables user to reach out to your prospects or customers via scripted automated phone calls with IVR support, all at the click of a button. Feature of the functionality are:

  • Text to Voice Conversion
  • Fully Customisable
  • Built-in IVR Support
  • Incoming Call Routing
  • Call Connection Statistics


Integrated SMS Management

Enable you to send out SMS to your customers from the platform itself, greatly simplifying the task of sending different messages to a different group of people.

  • SMS Service Integration
  • Built in SMS Service Support
  • Category Subscription
  • Category Subscription


Video Publishing

Video publishing feature allows you to easily compose and publish short videos that can be used to train, inform or educate your customers, prospects or any other stakeholders. This an excellent tool for creating tutorials that can be used to as a means to collect prospect data.

Full-fledged Firm Dashboard

Enables the management to get the relevant information about the efficiency and effectiveness of customer servicing, customer support, sale and marketing via easily comprehendible data visualisations.

Prospect Servicing Management

The platform supports prospect data import and provides features that enable prospect data collection from the platform itself. It enables you to reach out to your prospects through multiple communication channels, enables service of the prospect during a predefined trial period.

Flexible Setup

No software installation needed. No setup cost or AMC. Opt-out anytime.

Secured With Encryption

Uses secure connection (HTTPS) for accessing the website