Kinship Platform's Voice Connect and SMS Connect functionalities enables broking firms to reach out to your customers and prospects over the phone through automated scripted voice calls and SMS at the click of a button. The platform provides built in IVR support, enabling you to receive responses from your customer


Scripted Voice Call

The voice messages are composed as text messages which then converted into voice messages using out text to voice conversion engine. This makes composing and sending voice messages to customers easy and hassle free.

Built - in IVR Support

IVR support enables your customers or prospects to take action immediately on receiving voice messages from you.

SMS Integration

Integration with your existing SMS provider or you get to choose our own SMS service

Category Subscription

Category subscription and tagging allows you to make sure that your customers or prospect only get the SMS or Voice calls that are most relevant to them.

Call Statistics

Comprehensive Call Statistics to enable you to see who each of you voice messages performed.

Flexible Configuration

The service is made highly configurable enabling seamless integration with your existing customer support infrastructure.